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Fiscal Sponsorship (FS)
It is a formal arrangement between PPF and you whereby PPF sponsors your charitable project or mission that may lack 501(c)(3) status. This allows you, on behalf of your charitable mission, to seek grants, hold fundraisers, and solicit tax-deductible donations under PPF's exempt status for the benefit of your charitable mission. This vehicle is typically best suited for clients that wish to use other sources of revenue, including but not limited to self-funding, to carry out the charitable mission.

  • Retain control and discretion over charitable funds

  • Monitor account activity, with 24/7 online access

  • Protect your brand, while PPF ensures best practices & compliance

  • Minimize Administrative Expenses

  • Host fundraising events, as PPF monitors your budget

  • Receive Online Donations, with a ‘Donate Now’ link on your website

  • Reduce expenses, with significantly lower costs than a stand-alone 501(c)(3)


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Donor Advised Fund (DAF)
It is a simple, cost-effective philanthropic solution owned and operated by PPF and advised by you - delivering all the benefits of charitable giving. A DAF can have the look and feel of a private family foundation or stand-alone 501(c)(3) without the administrative burden, cost, and fiscal responsibility. This vehicle is typically best suited for clients that wish to self-fund the charitable account.


Private Operating Foundation (POF)
The PPF Benevolent Fund, Inc., our own POF, directs charitable giving in the form of modest hardship grants to poor, distressed, underprivileged and/or needy current or former players, coaches, staff of professional, collegiate, high school or other sports associations with the goal of helping grant recipients return to or become productive members of society. 

Our POF's mission also allows for grants to support organizations with scientific, medical, literary, and/or educational purposes. This vehicle is typically best suited for clients such as leagues, associations, institutions or teams seeking to create a medical hardship fund to benefit individuals from their community or an individual seeking to fund a educational scholarship at a particular educational institution. 



A Tax Deduction - can be received based on your adjusted gross income.

Avoid Estate Taxes - and donations are irrevocable.

Lower Fees - due to pooled resources which keep costs for you reasonable.

Rest Assured - that your philanthropy is in good standing with the IRS. We vet all charities before a disbursement is made.

Gain Exposure & Be Part Of A Team - of well-respected sports professionals and other charitably inclined people and organizations, effectively aligning with the greats in sports and beyond.

Created By A Sports Professional - our founder, Matt Stover, a retired NFL player, knows what you need based on his personal experience as a philanthropist.

We're Different - because of our Charitable Purpose combined with our Charitable Platforms and hands-on approach to serving you. These qualities make us one of a kind in this market.

Avoid Capital Gains Tax - on gifts of appreciated property. 

Grow Assets - tax free with PPF so more funds may be allocated to charity.

Eliminate Administration & Documentation - we handle all of these aspects for you.

Additional Support - for basic event administration, promotion and help with implementation of other philanthropic vehicles is available if needed.

It Moves With You - no matter where your career takes you.  You can support causes in multiple communities with ease.

It's Safe, Simple & Powerful - PPF protects your charitable assets and your brand, an account can be opened quickly and immediately you can begin to make a difference in the world.

Simply put, It's a Win/Win!

Those considering our Charitable Platform should consult with their tax or legal advisor(s).


Annually, a portion of PPF revenue, our Charitable Funds, can be designated by the Board of Trustees, in consultation with our staff, for allocation to qualifying charities.

We also partner with the Friends of Arlington Fund and provide our fund management services to this client's account at no cost to the client.

Our Charitable Purposes described above sets PPF apart from others.

Charitable Funds –  PPF revenue may support not only its own greatest needs but also another qualifying 501 (c) (3) whose mission may include but not be limited to scientific, medical, literary, and/or educational purposes.

PPF Benevolent Fund, Inc. – This PPF subsidiary, our own Private Operating Foundation (POF), may support cases of hardship (i.e. financial or medical) incurred by current or former professional athletes, respectively.