Founded by 2x Super Bowl Champion and Ravens “Ring of Honor” inductee Matt Stover, Players Philanthropy Fund - PPF is a 501(c)(3) public charity that enables athletes, entertainers and other philanthropists to create a dedicated fund that can accept tax-deductible contributions in support of any qualified charitable mission.

The PPF platform offers a simple, efficient and cost-effective solution for collecting and distributing charitable assets, which provides a desirable alternative to the complexity, hassle and burden of operating an independent foundation. PPF will inspire and empower your philanthropy, while ensuring full compliance with legal requirements and nonprofit best practices to protect against any unnecessary risk to your valuable reputation.


PPF prides itself on partnering with you in a personal way and works diligently to provide you with the kind of hands-on support you need. We follow best practices in philanthropy and take compliance and fiscal responsibility on your behalf seriously.  We strive to donate a portion of our operation revenue, called our charitable purpose, with staff input and upon Board of Trustees approval, to causes important to PPF.  Our charitable platform enables you to focus on fundraising, programs and interacting with the people you serve and we also provide you with the peace of mind to know your charitable assets and reputation are protected.

In addition, no matter where your career takes you or where you live, PPF can direct your giving to qualifying charities all over the world. PPF ensures you are able to easily and seamlessly give the maximum amount to the organizations and communities of your choice. PPF provides transparency, allowing you to gain continuous access to your charitable account, as well as investment managers.  We vet all charities prior to processing donations and require appropriate proofs before fundraising expense reimbursements may be made.  We also help match you with other charitable vendors or vehicles, as needed so you can raise more funds for your charitable mission.  PPF staff members cannot authorize disbursements from your account. We offer a Donor Advised Fund (DAF), Fiscal Sponsorship (FS) or Private Operating Foundation (POF) to our clients.  What ever model you select, we come along side of you to assist with your philanthropy. It's a Win/Win!


When you open an account with PPF by making an irrevocable contribution, you receive an immediate tax deduction. You can take your time to decide where and when to give donations in the future. You may avoid capital gains and estate taxes, and are able to grow your charitable assets tax-free in your charitable account. Additionally, you will experience lower fees than many other options on the market.  You, where applicable, can also solicit contributions from others who can also receive a tax deduction for their contribution to your charitable fund.